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postheadericon Welcome to DLH Global Enterprises LLC...

Welcome to our website. There will be many changes coming in the near future.

As of January 1, 2015, His Image Marketing and EDU SportsX2 are now part of the DLH Global Enterprises LLC family.

Look for new and exciting changes in the near future, but until then, things will be as always. SAME GREAT QUALITY, SERVICE and PRICING

As always, we are researching and finding new products, ideas, and marketing tools for you. We also are working on new improved ways to decorate garments. We want to stay on the leading edge of new technology and ideas.

We hope that you will continue to support us as we all look to a great year. 

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postheadericon What Can We Provide?

Any category of items can be developed for your church, school, or ministry needs.  We are also available to any business that would like to utilize these same products to promote themselves in their industry while partnering with a Christian-owned and operated business to provide those products.

postheadericon Have a Christian School?

Christian schools not only give us, as Christians, the opportunity to teach our children the fundamentals of education, but to also be taught from the scriptures.  An education from a Biblical perspective is not something to take for granted.  Often times, because of the costs incurred merely by operating a Christian school or by having to pay tuition, our funds as administrators and parents are minimal for "extra" activities.

Because of our pricing, your school can now afford a low-cost way to obtain high-quality products for your teams, clubs, programs, and classes.  Whether you need school uniforms for daily wear or only for teams, roadfront signage or indoor banners, menus or curriculum pamphlets - allow us to quote pricing that will alleviate the need for a larger budget.


postheadericon Ideas for Special Situations

Having a Sunday School campaign and need posters or invitations announcing the program?  Is your church new in the area or do you have a new pastor that you would like to introduce to the community?  Maybe you regularly have frequently asked questions (FAQ) or there is a specific local social issue that you would like to create a specialized tract to address the discussions.  As we all know, our Christian lives and the outreach of our churches do not end when we walk out of the church doors on Sunday.  That's why we would like to assist you in meeting needs of witnessing to your community in ways that may not be the normal means.

With our vast number of resources, there are too many options available to not find a product that could aide in the awareness of the presence of your church in your community.  From newly created or updating your stationary and letterhead to embroidered shirts for your staff or for members to wear during visitation or some community project - we have the items that can not only reach people with the Gospel, but make a visual impression on their minds that will enable them to better remember who you are.

Take the time to browse each category and think of ways each item could be used for your church.  Also, feel free to contact us and we will welcome the opportunity to bring new ideas to your current situation.